Erie County Fair at Wattsburg

How would you like to represent the Wattsburg Erie County Fair, promote agriculture throughout the county, educate others and gain experience in public speaking?

You could be the next Wattsburg Erie County Fair Queen, Jr. Miss or Princess!!

The 2016 Wattsburg Erie County Fair Queen will travel to Hershey, PA in January 2017 to compete for the PA State Fair Queen title along with the board members.

For more information, please download the application on our new website in the Queens Corner.

Completed applications MUST BE POST MARKED BY July 27th 2016!!

Please message Tina Elder on the Wattsburg Erie County Fair Facebook if you know of anyone that would be interested in competing in this years contest. Contestants may reside in or around Erie County (within a 50 mile radius).

This is a great opportunity, so just grab a application and you could be the next Erie County Fair Queen!!!



Dan & Galla have become a favorite at fairs, festivals and special events throughout Pennsylvania. A little over 10 years ago, fresh from playing cruise ships, Atlantic City, Lake Placid and traveling across the country in a 5-piece show band, they relocated to PA and have been going strong ever since.

Their love of music and positive energy on stage appeals to all ages as they both sing and play numerous instruments. Galla is half-Russian and dances around the stage as she plays flute, balalaika (Russian 3-stringed instrument), guitar and ukulele. Dan is an accomplished pianist and plays keyboards, accordion and trumpet.

With Dan & Galla, each show is fresh and unique, with “feel-good” music from the 50's & 60s, country, patriotic, Russian and lots more. They are “so much fun”. Their show plays well on both large and small stages.  At fairs they also play for fair queen pageants, harness racing, Senior Citizen and Kids’ Days. They emcee talent, pet and dance contests. They carry a number of tambourines, shakers, flags and for the younger set, many hula hoops and the ever popular limbo.

Let’s have some fun!


New this year!!! 

The Fearless Flores Family


Family of Daredevils traveling the country, performing at fairs festivals and events of all kinds. Featured on Americas got Talent ( season 6). 

The Fearless Flores Family consists of Ricardo (Father), Arcelia (Mother), Cyndel (13-year-old daughter) and Volorian (eight...-year-old son). These ninth and tenth generation performers from South Florida are proud to present "Motorcycle Madness" inside the legendary "Globe of Death" (motorcycles inside a metal ball). Ricardo and Arcelia have presented this act for over 10 years and Cyndel began at the young age of six, while Volorian started his daredevil life at the unbelievable age of four. Cyndel and Volorian are currently the youngest brother and sister team to race inside the "Globe of Death."

The Fearless Flores Family likes to perform all over the country at fairs, festivals and motor sports events






When’s the last time you heard a high-energy lead singer blow you away on the fiddle? If your answer is Charlie Daniels, great! … Then you definitely need to see the one and only Chris Higbee in concert!

Higbee grew up a farm boy with a musical curiosity and a diligent mother and father. That curiosity quickly became a passion that drove his dreams. “Fiddles Rock,” the first track on Higbee’s new album, tells that story and was inspired by his late father. It was co-written with Higbee’s producer Tommy Harden and Don Rollins (“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”).

Higbee founded the PovertyNeck Hillbillies (PNH) in 2000, delivering uniquely wild and energetic concerts across the country on stages, rooftops and anything else Higbee could fathom a way to play from! PNH performed for seven years before disbanding, acquiring an international fan base, distributing two records and releasing a No. 2 nationally rated video, “Mr. Right Now,” starring “Big Ben” Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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